Generally in the ICU at Nicosia General Hospital it was observed a limited access of the underage family members of critically ill patients in the ICU. For this reason, children are not able to visit this special department that provides intensive care medicine to their relative. Also, parents/legal guardians avoid to have conversations with their children/teenagers -related to the condition of their critically ill patient- in order to ensure their protection. Consequently, children/teenagers become isolated and alienated, in particular from those who could offer help, such as their parents/legal guardians. At the same time, isolation and alienation may cause undesired emotional and learning problems, as well as adjustment difficulties. Bearing in mind that psychological support for children/teenagers, provided by professional Psychologists and/or Social Workers, is not a frequent service, because symptoms are not recognized in time or are underestimated, parents should focus their attention on this issue.

The "Ariadne" project implements an innovative service under the responsibility of the non-profit/non-governmental organization the "Intensive Care Forum". This project providespsychosocial support to children whose relative is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Nicosia General Hospital. The particularity of the aforementioned service is that the interventions are also available through telecommunication systems.

An equally significant aspect of this service, provided by the "Ariadne" project, is the fact that distant psychological sessions are available through modern information technologies and telecommunications, by using web applications and video conferencing software, which delivers high quality audio and video to all participants.

The "Ariadne" project is funded by the Grants of the European Economic Area (EEA Grants) and implemented under the program "Funds for Non-Governmental Organisations for Cyprus 2009-2014".

It's worth mentioning that the Intensive Care Forum in collaboration with the Department of Intensive Care Medicine of Nicosia General Hospital provide psychological support to critically ill patients and their families the last few years. This psychological service (for adults) takes place in a specially equipped office, located near the Intensive Care Unit on the 2nd floor of Nicosia General Hospital, by professional Psychologists.