The implementation of the Ariadne Project is achieved through specialized scientific staff consisting of Psychologists, Social Worker , Psychiatrist , Intensivists and Nurses.

The team of Psychologists is responsible for carrying out this program. Also they are members of the interdisciplinary team of the Department of Intensive Care Medicine (Nicosia General Hospital), participate in the morning round and inform patients' relatives about the condition of their loved one.

The Psychologist evaluates and deals with the emotional changes arising after the ICU admission of a patient. Also she plans, proposes and ensures the implementation of psychosocial support for these families. At the same time, she is able to provide support and assistance to families, in order to help them manage stress, anxiety or sadness and reduce the psychological impact.

Elina Demetriadou is the Coordinator Psychologist (MSc) of the Ariadne Project.

Intensive Care Forum & Psychological Support Service

The Intensive Care Forum (ICF) is a non-profit organization, registered with the Registrar of Associations and Institutions, with registration number 2953. Although, the ICF is based in Nicosia district and its action is extending across Cyprus.

The ICF was founded in 2006 with the ultimate aim to improve the conditions of providing scientifically sound and humanistic services to the patient and his/her family.

Of particular importance is the fact that it consists of three Sectors: Sector A - Supporting Patients, Sector B - Research & Development and Sector C - Education & Documentation.

The Forum's founding purpose is to create a multi-layered support system for the patients who are hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit and their families as well as the economic and psychosocial support of the families.