Children and teenagers may greatly benefit from services provided by the "Ariadne's" project. As we have seen, the relative's hospitalization is possible to affect their psychological state. For this reason, professional Psychologists are able to help them through these services, in order to make them feel relief and reduce the experienced consequences.

Serious or incurable diseases may cause tremendous changes in an adults' behavior and their daily routine and children understand immediately the existence of a serious condition by following their intuition. Usually parents/legal guardians choose a different time to inform their children because they think that children will be better able to understand what is happening. Furthermore, we often ignore that children need to talk about the disease, the possibility of death or even the talk about the death itself. The proper preparation before death will give them the opportunity to ask questions, collect information, express their feelings and help them to calm down.

Loss and death are both part of the cycle of life, but is not easy for all children and teenagers to understand these unpleasant situations. Every individual will process grief in their own unique way and underage family members must have long-lasting support. We should also consider that each child process mourning in a different way due to for example the child's age, the relationship with the person who passed away and how was informed about the loss. Studies indicated some signs of mourning which tend to be common in many cases, as well as some helpful practices, regarding how to manage a child's mourning. Our goal is to provide psychological services to underage family members in order to help them understand the reality, prepare them to accept the possibility of loss, reduce cancellation symptoms and support them during the difficult period of mourning.

Psychologists are able to help children and teenagers cope with unpleasant situations arising due to hospitalization or loss of a parent or close relative, such as mood disorders (stress, depression, sadness, etc.) and stress disorders (panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, specific phobia, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, acute stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder), etc.

This service, provided by "Ariadne" project, will be able to offer psychological support sessions to each child or teenager during and after the hospitalization of their loved one in the ICU. Please note that these sessions last as long as the underage family member needs the psychological support.