Dear visitors,

Welcome to the official website of the non-profit Association named "Intensive Care Forum". Our aim is to set at your disposal a friendly website through which you will be able to have timely and accurate information on the activities of the Forum. We hope that in the website you will find useful data and information on the Association and it important work that carries through. If you have any comment/suggestions they are welcomed.

The Association was founded 8 years ago, with main purpose to create a multi-layered system to support patients of the Intensive Care Unit and their families, as well as the diverse support of the Clinicians, those who operate in different hospitals in Cyprus. The primary mission is to offer consistent and altruistic service to our severely ill fellowmen.

Nowadays, that the needs for Health are continuously increasing while the resources offered to the sector are limited, volunteering is becoming increasingly important, especially when the offer is intended to service people of immediate need.

As members of the Board, we wish to express our unlimited gratitude to all of you who trust and support the Association. However, in order to keep on having the tools to continue our work today, we must ensure the tomorrow. Besides the close cooperation with relevant departments, we need substantial assistance (financial and other) as well as further strengthening the volunteer offer from friends and appraisers of our work.

Our vision and ambition is to contribute in a decisive and effective way to alleviate pain, suffering and misery of severely ill patients and their families.

Any help/assistance will be highly appreciated.

Kyriakos Christofi
President of the Intensive Care Forum


Dear friends,

Welcome to the website of the Intensive Care Forum.

We wish that your visit will be the mark of the beginning (or continuation) for a collaboration of high and consistent quality which aims to improve the condition of providing scientifically sound and "human" services to the critically ill patient and his/her family, wherever they are located, during the hospitalization in the ICU but also after the discharge from the Hospital towards the rehabilitation/return to "life".

Intensive Care Forum has committed to serve the above objective, hoping in your help, which we consider necessary and valuable. Dear former patients, patients' relatives, fellow workers of the Health field or other Sciences, please contact us if you have any suggestions regarding the structure, content of the website or our activities. We are ready for dialogue and action for the better.

Together we can achieve many.

Dr Theodoros Kyprianou, MD, PhD, EDIC

Head, Dept of Intensive Care, Nicosia General Hospital