A three-member committee coordinates the work of each sector and reports directly to the Administrative Council by the committee coordinator. The coordinator of each sector is selected by the Administrative Council members and elected by the General Assembly. The other three members of the committee are appointed by the Administrative Council.

In Sector A - Supporting Patients, anyone can be enrolled such as patients, family members of the patients that were hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), staff of the ICU, friends of the Charitable Association and any other persons that are interested for the activities of the Sector.

Objectives of Sector A - Supporting Patients

• Organization and coordination of psychosocial support activities for patients and their families, during and after the hospitalization in the ICU, in collaboration with the Management of the Unit of the Hospital

• Organization of a variety of activities, artistic and other events, with the aim of informing the public on topics about intensive treatment of chronic diseases and other issues as well as searching for resources to achieve the objectives of the Association

The most recent actions of Sector A - Supporting patients

1. Development and renovation of the Waiting Room for Relatives

In 2009, a waiting room was formed and furnished, close to the ICU of Nicosia General Hospital, at the expense of the Charitable Association of Intensive Care Forum. Our goal was to create a friendly environment for the relatives of the patients who are hospitalized in the ICU. The room was decorated with warm colors that help guests to relax and escape from the tension resulting from the hospitalization of the patient. Then we proceeded to the installation of a small kitchen and purchase of a TV, a table with chairs, so that relatives can dine, as well as comfortable sofas to rest. The room was renovated in 2011 due to the continuous use and expected damage, at the expense of the Intensive Care Forum.

2. Financial help to the families

During 2009-2012, under the economic potential of the Charitable Association, the amount of €5.678,50 was given to 11 families of patients admitted to the ICU. Furthermore, the Intensive Care Forum aid services and bought equipment for six patients, which Nicosia General Hospital and Ministry of Health does not undertake. The costs of these services amounted to €825,80.

3. Psychosocial Support

Going into an ICU is a difficult step, a painful time for most people and mostly for the people who anxiously wait for their loved one who is hospitalized in the ICU. During the hospitalization of the patient, his/her relatives have to face difficult situations, such as limited visiting hours, anxiously waiting, possibility of death but also the fact that many times they absent from work for quite some time. The presence of a psychologist in this context is necessary since many researches show that families, after the discharge of the patient from the ICU, have to face the intensive care or death of their loved one. And as expected, the above may result in the presence of depression, uncontrollable anxiety, post-traumatic stress, despair, frustration, exhaustion, social isolation, development of psychotic symptoms, substance use and phobias. The aim of the Intensive Care Forum is to minimize as much possible such outcomes and facilitate the passage of the patients and their relatives from the ICU. Thus, Intensive Care Forum, employs Psychologist-Psychotherapist since 2010, who has daily presence at the ICU of Nicosia General Hospital and continuous communication with the families of the patients and the patients themselves where possible. The role of the Psychologist is primarily related to the detection of psychological impact due to the serious situation of the patient and in relieving and facilitating families. The psychologist can listen to the relatives and inform them about the patient's condition, while providing the psychological support.