A three-member committee coordinates the work of each sector and reports directly to the Administrative Council by the committee coordinator. The coordinator of each sector is selected by the Administrative Council members and elected by the General Assembly. The other three members of the committee are appointed by the Administrative Council.

Research is a necessary process for every health care institution that aims to have a leading role in the advancement of health knowledge and improvement of the conditions of providing scientifically proficient services to the critically ill patient and his/her family. Since 2006, the Intensive Care Forum, following this notion, tried from the starting point to create the necessary structures to conduct research for the production of original knowledge in Intensive Care.

Objectives of Sector B - Research & Development:

• Planning, organizing and transact local or international research programs in collaboration with research or other stakeholders in Cyprus or abroad

• Submission of applications and negotiations related to approval/funding of research programs to/from public and private organizations in Cyprus and abroad

• Announcement and publication of scientific research -following ethics and copyright regulations- in scientific conferences and magazines 

• Organization of scientific lectures, workshops, conferences and seminars designed to promote research and education in Critical Care Medicine in collaboration with other sectors of the Association

Members registration

Researchers, of any scientific area, collaborating or participating in the research activities of the Intensive Care Forum and, may register in this Sector.

Intensive Care Forum recent research programs:

• Research Program Supporting Patients (2004-2007)
• Research Program eScienceCY (2004-2007)
• Research Program Healthware (2005-2008)
• Research Program Immunonutrition (2006-2008)
• Research Program Cobatrice (2006-2009)
• Research Program Tele-Hippocrates (2007-2008)
• Research Program OTO-STS (2008-2009)
• Research Program PROSAFE (2009-2012)
• Research Program Teleprometheus (2011-present)
• Research Program Telerehabilitation (2011-present)