A three-member committee coordinates the work of each sector and reports directly to the Administrative Council by the committee coordinator. The coordinator of each sector is selected by the Administrative Council members and elected by the General Assembly. The other three members of the committee are appointed by the Administrative Council.

ICU personnel (Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Clinical Dietitians, Clinical Pharmacists, Speech Therapists, Clinical Psychologists etc.) and people interested and involved in Intensive Care Medicine education, may register in this Sector.

Objectives of Sector C - Education & Documentation:

• Organizing, in collaboration with other sectors of the Charitable Association, scientific lectures, workshops, conferences and seminars designed to promote research and education in Intensive Care Medicine, that aim to promote research and education in Intensive Care

• Organizing workgroups for training, documentation and renewing protocols

• consensus positions and nursing procedures based on recent published valid knowledge, as well as international and local experience

• Offering assistance to ICU medical and nursing administration of the ICU for the implementation of the above objectives, under the certain circumstances

• Recording of training needs and members' requests of each sector, in order to find solutions in collaboration with ICU medical and nursing administration of the ICU

• Scholarships proclamation regarding local/international congresses participation, educational visits abroad (short or long-term stay) and participation in certified seminars of national/ international scientific societies

Recent activities

  • The 4th annual Intensive Care Unit (ICU) congress of Nicosia General Hospital was organized on 21-22 March 2009 at Le Méridien Limassol Spa & Resort Hotel. The speakers were of various medical specialties and employed in Departments of Intensive Care, both from Cyprus and abroad. Registration at the congress was free of charge for all participants. It's worth mentioning that a capnography seminar (with limited number of participants) was held during the congress. This seminar was addressed to ICU doctors, nurses and physiotherapists who work at ICUs
  • The 5th interdisciplinary congress "ICF10" was organized by the Intensive Care Forum in collaboration with Cyprus Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Cyprus National Bioethics Commission, Intensive Care Units in public and private hospitals of Cyprus and other related scientific specialties. The congress was held under the aegis of Ministry of Health on 5th-7th of February 2010 at Le Méridien Limassol Spa & Resort Hotel (350 persons attended the congress). The participants (Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Clinical Dietitians, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Biomedical Engineers, Computer Scientists, Legal Consultants and Researchers from various Scientific fields) had the opportunity to exchange views, information and remodeling trends and practices. The active participation of many eminent scientists from European countries (such as Cyprus and Greece) and the United States contributed constructively in the field of Intensive Care. The conventioneers participated in round tables, inter-company and interdisciplinary discussions, seminars (with limited number participations), satellite symposiums and presentations related to research programs . During the conference there was an exhibition of medical equipments, photography and painting
  • A workshop of Intensive Care Unit and Intensive Care Forum was organized by Intensive Care Forum designed to inform the participants and exchange views. 100 Healthcare Professionals attended the workshop who were employed at Intensive Care Units. Additionally, they were conducted interdisciplinary discussions, presentations related to research programs outcomes and presentation of the psychological support program of the ICU for the critically ill patients and their families