The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the Charity Association of the Intensive Care Forum and sets out, between others, its policy. The Board, having the power and the responsibilities related to the administration and implementation of the objectives of the Forum, shall ensure the implementation of this policy.

The Board is in service for three years and is composed of 5 Members, elected during the Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the following procedure:

• The President is elected directly by the General Assembly and is from non-clinical setting, a person with high professional and moral level who has extensive experience in public offices, administrative agency boards and/or other authorities

• The Vice President is elected directly by the General Assembly and is a Doctor from the field of Intensive Care

• The other 3 Members are elected from the General Assembly and each member is responsible for one of the following sectors: Sector A - Supporting Patients, Sector B - Research & Development, Sector C - Education & Documentation

The members of the Forum are approved by the Board and may be Cypriots and Foreigners that are interested in achieving and disseminating the objectives of the Forum

The General Assembly declares as Honorary Members those who greatly offered for the services and/or promotion of the Forum objectives, donors and benefactors of the Benevolent Association and generally any person who believes that he/she can be registered as an honorary member.

Volunteers'/ collaborators' team are included persons who are interested in participating in the activities of the Intensive Care Forum, without needing to register with the Association and be present at the General Meetings. Partners and volunteers have no voting right in the election of Board members.