Dr Theodoros Kyprianou MD PhD EDIC

Head, Department of Intensive Care Medicine – Nicosia General Hospital

Associate Professor, St Georges University of London – Medical Program at the University of Nicosia Medical School

Dr Kyprianou was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1967. He studied Medicine (1986-1992) with a state scholarship at Medical School, University of Athens and the University of London (elective student for the final year). He subsequently completed clinical fellowships in Pulmonary Medicine & Tuberculosis (1992-1997) and Intensive Care Medicine (2000-2002) in several University Hospitals in Athens. He obtained his PhD (1997-2002) from the Dept. of Pulmonary & Intensive Care Medicine, University of Athens in 2002, being external research fellow for many years after. He also attended several post-graduate training programs in Intensive Care Medicine in a number of Hospitals / University Clinics / Research Centres in Great Britain, France & Italy. He is instructor - Fundamental Critical Care Support course (Society of Critical Care Medicine, USA).

He is the founding Head of the Department of Intensive Care – Nicosia General Hospital (since 2006). In 2011, upon completion of 20 years of pioneering clinical work, professional teaching and funded research, he assumed the position of Associate Professor at St Georges' University of London Medical Program delivered at the Medical School, University of Nicosia (dual appointment as Senior Lecturer at SGUL UK). He served as academic lead for clinical skills and currently as module Lead for Anaesthesia / Intensive Care / Emergency Medicine (F-year, MBBS-4 program). He has been also appointed as academic committee member / coordinator in the MSc -distance learning- program: Applied Health Informatics at the Open University of Cyprus. He also served for a number of years as deputy chair of the National Committee for bioethical assessment of Biomedical and Clinical research. He was National Coordinator and member of the editorial committee for the development of the European curriculum for training in Intensive Care Medicine (CoBaTrICE) and is currently the Chair (2014-2017) of Technology Assessment & Health Informatics trans-sectional Working Group and deputy chair of e-Learning Committee at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

Dr Kyprianou participated as researcher and has served as scientific / national coordinator in a number of cofounded research programs, both national (Immuno-nutrition / AROGE) and EU funded (EMISPHER / HEALTHWARE / Tele-Hippocrates / COBATRICE / PROSAFE / CREACTIVE / Tele-Rehabilitation / Tele-Prometheus / IASIS / ARIADNE) with a budget of more than 3.000.000 euros. Along with his multi-disciplinary research team and international collaborators have presented / published / participated in over 100 scientific articles / posters / presentations in congresses and peer reviewed journals in the fields of ICU bio-signals and data management, intensive care education & training, critical illness pathophysiology etc. He is a frequently invited lecturer in scientific congresses around Europe and the Middle East and currently represents Cyprus as national expert in the EU HORIZON 2020 program SC1 committee (Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing).

He also serves as vice-chairman at the boards of the NGOs “Intensive Care Forum” and “International Humanitarian Aid”.