The program was funded by the Research Promotion Foundation and lasted 36 months (2004-2007).

The program had three research activity sections:

  1. The development of large distributed software systems in Computer Science
  2. The creation of required core technological infrastructure for the execution of sufficient size calculations in Physics, so that the University of Cyprus can equally participate in international research
  3. The creation of an infrastructure in Computational Physics and Medicine for the collection and process of medical data by machines of the Intensive Care Unit, aiming for more accurate diagnoses

During the third section of research activity, it was developed the software "Intensive Care Window" that has the capability of collecting the vital parameters of each patient, such as electrocardiogram (ECG), pressure, respiration, oxygenation, etc. from ICU equipment, by using communication in hardware level.

The data are presented in tabular and graphical form. In parallel, there is capability of providing the means for processing the data, such as statistical analysis, which gives the opportunity to the Intensivist to have a more detailed profile of the patient, thereby enabling the best and more accurate decisions regarding treatment.

In addition, the "Intensive Care Window" can operate as part of a more holistic approach, as to the process of vital parameters. Therefore, using GRID technology for storing, processing and analyzing data, with considerably more advanced and computationally demanding algorithms, can further help doctors in their clinical practice and in conducting clinical research.

The High Performance Systems Laboratory, the Department of Computer Science of University of Cyprus and the Intensive Care Unit, that participated as a collaborating institution (among others), led the project.