The project was funded under the 6th Program for Research and Technological Development of the European Union and lasted 36 months (2005-2008).

The objectives of this program were to promote the installation of satellite DVB-RCS technology on a broad scale, to design medical applications so that this technology can be used in a pilot phase and to co this technology with other satellite and terrestrial technologies.

In Cyprus, the aforementioned program, aimed to use the DVB-RCS technology on a pilot implementation of telemedicine in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and especially in medical teleconferencing and tele-education. For this reason, three experimental telemedicine stations were installed in the ICU of Nicosia's General Hospital, Larnaca's General Hospital and at "Evangelismos" Private Hospital in Paphos. It is worth noting that this was the first telemedicine program which was conducted in the field of Intensive Care in Cyprus.

Main conclusions:

  1. DVB-RCS technology, which was used in this program, was proved as a fairly stable satellite platform that is able to provide interaction with terrestrial technologies, such as DSL
  2. The medical teleconference, as part of the clinical practice, was met with reluctance by the doctors, either due to overloaded program or because they did not agree with the particular concept and telemedicine in general (or to a lesser extent, due to fear of technology)
  3. The medical tele-education was readily accepted by doctors, fact that was proved by the large participation of doctors in the Intensive Care courses, held in Cyprus and Crete
  4. Telemedicine can provide solutions in the field of Intensive Care in Cyprus. However, further investment is needed for being accepted as part of the "armory" which is available to the doctors of the cooperation network, led by the French company Alcatel of France. The Intensive Care Unit participated as a collaborating institution, in collaboration with High Performance Systems Laboratory (Department of Computer Science - University of Cyprus)