The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Nicosia General Hospital, as a Lead Partner of the project, in collaboration with the General University Hospital of Heraklion, the University of Crete and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus, have set as primary objective the development of an innovative pilot service for cardiorespiratory rehabilitation in the community, using telemedicine in patients after hospitalization in the ICU.

Title: Telerehabilitation

Full Title: Rehabilitation of patients in the community with telemedicine support

Budget: €1.177.375,00

Duration: September 2011 - October 2013

General Objective: To develop innovative pilot cardiorespiratory rehabilitation services in the community, using telemedicine in patients after hospitalization in the ICU.

Specific Objectives:

• The creation of telemedicine technological infrastructure that will provide quality support, low cost upgrade and expandability
• Further development of accessibility to medical care, safe reintegration into the community and innovative research, as well as development of medical services
• Creating the conditions for redevelopment of pilot application to viable and sustainable service


• Lead Partner I: Intensive Care Unit - Nicosia General Hospital, Cyprus
• Partner II: University of Crete - General University Hospital of Heraklion
• Partner III: Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus

Expected Benefits:

• Design and implementation of a safe, functional and efficient model of home care service, exemplar innovative application of technology in rehabilitation of patients in the community
• Scientific findings on the parameters of the evaluation of aerobic exercise capacity, in relation to the final outcome of individualized rehabilitation programs