The Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) hosted “LIVES 2015”, the 28th Annual Congress of the Society held in multifunctional venue “Citycube” in Berlin on 3-7 October, 2015.

The Congress was attended by Healthcare Professionals working in Intensive Care Units from several European countries, including Intensivists Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists of the Department of Intensive Care Medicine (Nicosia General Hospital, Cyprus), among of them Dr Giorgos Mina, Anesthesiologist - Intesivist, and Dr Panayiota Georgiou, ICU Fellow.

This edition of the Society’s Annual Congress has delivered on its goal to update Health Professionals on the latest and most relevant advances in critical care and emergency medicine.


Giorgos-Mina Panagiota-Georgiou